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Real Testimonials from Students of The Women's Defense Company

I took the Abduction & Rape Response Tactics class yesterday and cannot recommend this enough! This class completely transformed the way I think and feel about the possibility of falling victim to an attack. I feel I now have the tools to protect myself. The fight simulation at the end was what really made me feel empowered. I now have an experience and a frame of reference if I ever find myself in a violent situation. I can confidently say that whoever decides to mess with me has made a bad choice, I’m not the victim, they are. Thank you so much Chris! I will be signing up for more classes in the future to keep my skills fresh and also signing up because it’s fun! If you are thinking of taking a class, stop thinking about it and just do it! It could be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

We did this as a GNO and Chris and his lovely assistant allowed us to be ourselves and have fun! We brought cocktails (ya know girls night out and all) to calm our nerves but really , they did a great job at making us comfortable. When we at times got a little talkative, he kept us on task. We were there to learn something after all... and he made sure we did! The ladies have been raving to me what a great time they had! I concur! I am going to take my 17 year old back to learn something before she goes off to college! Highly recommend!! Thank you Chris and staff!

Class was fun, very helpful and the instructors were excellent. Highly recommend this class for women of all ages, especially teens and college age girls! Thank you!

Fantastic class today with Chris, Tricia and Steve! Seriously - EVERY GIRL/WOMAN should take this class. I truly feel it's life changing. My whole attitude is different! They keep it going, "fun" and practical! Real life stuff!
Thank you!

I was so nervous to take this class but the nerves wore off quickly as they made sure everyone was safe. Never knew there was so many way to get out of an attacker’s grip. The world is not getting nicer folks, do yourself a favor and take a defense class. Highly recommend this company.

This is the best thing I have done for myself mentally and physically. I recommend everyone take this class!

This is the best thing I have done for myself mentally and physically. I recommend everyone take this class!

Awesome instructors, invaluable self defense tools and lessons. I feel much more confident and knowledgeable about defending myself. Thanks guys!

I never knew yelling "NO" could be so powerful. Thank you for a really helpful class last night at Sculptafit. I feel empowered to be able to ward off an attack. Would recommend this class to all needing some extra confidence

Would recommend this to any woman who wants to build awareness and real-life self defense skills.

Great info, fun class, and tons of take aways. If you are on the fence or unsure about signing up for a class- please take the leap to sign up. It can save your life

Thanks again for introducing me into the skills available for self-defense. I enjoyed meeting you and your team, and found the experience provided very professional and informative training. I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much I appreciate your mission on keeping women and children safe in society. The class was extremely beneficial to me and challenging as well.

This course really helped me feel more confident. Being a victim of sexual assault and rape, I only wish I took this course sooner but now taking it, I will never again be a victim. Thank you very much. It was tough at times but I reallly appreciate it.

Learned so much from this class! Any woman any age can learn something from this! Knowledge is power!!! Not today attacker... I feel so empowered to know I can have a fighting chance:) This is only the beginning for my girl gang ~

I am extremely impressed with Chris. He repeats the integral points and moves until I understand and have the skill. I am most impressed with the psychotherapy going on in this room. Attack Your Attacker!!!

We attended the Kidz Tough class this morning and am so incredibly happy with the knowledge we walked away with! I'm more than confident my 6 year old can defend herself or escape abduction building on these skills! Chris and Trish are AWESOME! This is a must do!!!