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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our women's self defense classes and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to chris@womensdefensecompany.com.


What is the typical class size?

Classes offered at our office are typically small so we can provide supervised training for each student. Class sizes typically range from four to fifteen students with an average of eight per class.


What should I wear to class?

Athletic type clothing should be worn to our classes. This includes athletic type shoes, shirts with sleeves. No tank tops. Shorts or athletic pants are acceptable but most students find pants to be most comfortable. Jewelery should not be worn to class as it can cause injury or damage to the training gear.


Will breaks be given during class?

Yes, breaks will be given as needed throughout the classes. Full day classes will also break for lunch or dinner. We provide bottle water for our students but feel free to bring any snacks or beverages of your choice.


I have never taken a self-defense class and/or am not in very good shape. Will I be able to participate successfully in class?

Yes. Our classes are designed for each student to participate at their own level. We also teach to the students individual strengths and recognize each student has specific strengths and weaknesses.


I am pregnant. Can I still take the class?

Safety is the number one concern of our students. Due to the dynamic nature of our courses, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in certian aspects of class and should always consult their physician before attending.


Our group is interested in learning more about women's safety. Do you offer group discussions for various groups?

Yes. If you have a group that is interested in discussing women's safety, we would be happy to come out for a nominal fee and meet with your group. We will discuss the current safety issues facing women, ways to decrease your risks and inform you on options to better prepare yourself to deal with a possible assault. Our Impact class or Munio Self Defense Workshop is perfect for corporate and private groups and is a great way to foster team building and confidence.